Super Seconds Currently in Stock!

Sometimes, we at Hopping Mad will have some items available that, for one explanation or another, can come to you at a reduced cost! These products will always have a fully detailed explanation as to why it is now classified as a Super Second and have the additional bonus of being ready to ship out without delay!

At this moment in time, we have 7 super seconds in stock. These are all from our Honeybunnies Heart Range. The reason that these are all now classified as Super Seconds is due to the fact they have been made from recycled fleece rather than brand new. We have 3 small Honeybunnies Hearts currently available, at the price of just £2.50 plus p&p. The first photograph demonstrates these. Meanwhile, the second photograph pictures the 3 medium Honeybunnies Hearts curre

Follow the link HERE to hop along to the Hopping Mad store!

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