NEW PRODUCTS: Plaques galore!

We've been hard at work designing a plethora of new plaques, hutch tags, and more. Perfect for decorating your and your pets homes respectively. Here's a quick peek at some of the new designs....

The Extra Large Circular Plaque can feature up to 14 animals! Click HERE to view it in our shop.

The Standard Circular Plaque, meanwhile, can fit up to 5 animals, as demonstrated in this piece. Click HERE to view it in our shop.

A Hopping Mad Door Number Plaque is a cute a quirky way to stamp personality on the house, right from the front door! Click HERE to view it in our shop.

A house is definitely missing something without the love of an animal to fill it. Share that statement with the "Pitter-Patter of Paws" A4 plaque. Click HERE to see it in our shop.

We do love dogs and cats here, too, at Hopping Mad, honestly! However, our hearts certainly lie elsewhere when it comes to the age-old conundrum of what kind of pet person we are. If you feel like that too, why not consider this customisable plaque, to demonstrate the love of the more unusual pet in your life, too? Click HERE to view it in our shop.

That's all for today and we hope you've found something that you simply love here. However, if you have an idea for a plaque which you cannot find anywhere else, consider messaging us at We can make your plaque dreams into a reality, especially for you.

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