ITEM SPOTLIGHT: Honeybunnies Heart Cushions

We absolutely love our Honeybunnies Heart Range! The Honeybunnies Hearts give a donation to HONEYBUNNIES RABBIT AND GUINEA PIG RESCUE in Leicester. It's a fantastic charity that rescues rabbits and piggies and rehomes them nationwide. As we have welcomed members of our family from Honeybunnies, we are proud supporters of the charity and designed the Honeybunnies Heart specifically to help raise money for them. The Honeybunnies Heart currently comes in 3 sizes. It is made with fleece and stuffed with recycled cloth to ensure that it is completely machine washable. It is available individually, or in a multipack of all 3 sizes in one, which saves you money but still generates the same donation to Honeybunnies! So, why don't you share the love with your fur family with a few of these delightful hearts? CLICK HERE for the small Honeybunnies Heart CLICK HERE for the medium Honeybunnies Heart CLICK HERE for the large Honeybunnies Heart CLICK HERE for the multipack of Honeybunnies Hearts!

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