ITEM SPOTLIGHT: the Happy Homes Hutch

Pets need a home, and what better than a home that gives them the space to flop, stretch, and safety and security from the elements? The Hopping Mad Happy Homes Hutch offers just that! It is made with professional joinery techniques and finished with Cuprinol Garden Shades pet-safe paint. We're sure you and your pets will love this. The floor space in this model is 4ft x 4ft, offering 16 square ft of roaming space. This fits will within the RWAF recommended guidelines of a minimum 12 square ft shelter space for rabbits, with a run (not pictured) permanently attached. The height of this model is 2.5ft at the front, sloping down to 2ft at the back. When being used for rabbits, we would recommend a minimum 48sqft run or aviary attached to it.

Here's some lovely rabbits giving it a good test run for size!

Click to look at the fully insulated Happy Homes Hutch

Click to look at the Happy Homes Hutch with insulated bedroom

Haven't quite got what you're looking for? Send us an e-mail to discuss bespoke custom orders by clicking right HERE

Please note photographs show a prototype model of the hutch. Final designs may vary.

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