Keep Calm and Auction for Charity!

Here at Hopping Mad, we are a keen advocate for rescuing pets. In particular, we have a special relationship with a specific Rabbit and Guinea Pig charity: Honeybunnies Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue, in Leicester. We have adopted four Honeybunny boys in recent years and we adore them all. Our two guinea pigs have also been adopted from Honeybunnies. They adopt out lovely animals nationwide and we love the work they do.

However, there is no more room in the inn (so to speak!) As much as we want to help them, we cannot do this by adopting even more animals. But there is something we can do: we can raise funds so that Jill, Julia, and all of the volunteers at Honeybunnies can continue doing their sterling work with rabbits and guinea pigs in Leicester.

This week, we are auctioning off a piece of artwork, "Keep Calm and Love Rabbits", featuring a lovely cartoon Dutch rabbit at the top. The auction can be found here on our Facebook page. It is hand-painted on hardwood ply, and then varnished, leaving a pinkish glow to the wording. The plaque has been painted by resident "cartoonist" Tracie, and there isn't another one like it. Even if we were to paint it again, it would still be different.

To the right, it is being shown with Honeybunny boys Yuki Winter and Niji Taco.

We hope you will consider digging deep and bidding in support of this fantastic charity. Auction dates: 24th of October to 5pm, on the 31st of October. Winning bidder will be contacted on Facebook, and will pay postage and packaging charges in addition to the value of their winning bid.

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