Happy Homes Hutch (with insulated bedroom)

Happy Homes Hutch (with insulated bedroom)

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photographs are of a prototype model. final designs may vary from the illustrated model.




Most conventional rabbit hutches on the market are absolutely not suitable for rabbits and other small furries. At Hopping Mad, we don't do things by halves so we are proud to reveal the Hopping Mad Happy Homes Hutch.


Measuring at 4ft x 4ft, the hutch provides 16 square foot of sheltered space for your beloved pets. The height of 2.5ft at the front, and 2ft at the back, this hutch offers height for rabbits to stretch up. The front door is 16g galvanised welded wire mesh, offering ventilation during the day. Barrel bolts come as standard to lock the door securely. A panel* secured at night and/or during bad weather to provide shelter against the elements.

Rabbits require a minimum of 60 square foot roaming space at all times. We will happily add an access point to the run for you on whichever side of your choosing.


The Happy Homes Hutch is made using professional joinery techniques, readily painted with Cuprinol Garden Shades, an animal safe paint, to protect against the elements. Finished with a high grade felt, the Happy Homes Hutch, provides the perfect shelter for your animals and has been designed with them in mind.


This variant of the Hopping Mad Happy Homes Hutch features an insulated 2ft by 2ft bedroom* within the hutch itself. This provides warmth in the winter, cool in the summer, meaning you don't have to worry about insulating the hutch yourself.


* currently not demonstrated within photographs.


    Hardwood ply and pine happy home hutch with bedroom. Measurements 4ftx4ft 2.5ft at front to 2ft at back. Bedroom measures 2ft by 2ft, with easy access for your pets. Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, cats, and more. Any queries, please email hoppingmaduk@gmail.com


    If you are dissatisfied with your product in any way, please send it back to us within 30 days. We will aim to replace your product as soon as possible.


    We offer a manufacturer's guarantee against manufacturing defaults for 2 years. This does not cover animal damage.


    An additional fee for delivery and set up will be required upon delivery of this hutch.


    As each hutch is bespoke made to order, it takes time to process. We aim to deliver your hutch within 8 weeks of order. 

Run access point *from looking at the front
Paint colour
Bedroom location?* from looking at the front

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