Fleecey Bits Multipack

Fleecey Bits Multipack

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Get a matching set of our standard fleecey pieces range and save cash in the process!


We love our pets, and we know you do too! And your small pets - especially guinea pigs, rats, and ferrets, will be snug as a bug when snuggling in this matching multipack. This multipack contains a matching set, featuring a single snuggle sack, a double snuggle sack, a standard tube, and a super square cushion. Even better, it saves money for you.


Our snuggle sacks, tunnel, and cushions have a fleece exterior, and use recycled fabric and fabric cut-offs as a stuffing, ensuring that it is both hand and machine washable. This makes it easy for you to use and for your pets to enjoy at their leisure.


Our fleece range is all made to order, and thus customisable with fleece of your choice. Simply select the 2 fleece patterns you wish to have (they can both be the same, of course!), and we will make it for you. The added bonus of using 2 different patterns means the snuggle sacks are reversible and can demonstrate two different designs!


    This product is the Fleece Multipack. The double snuggle sack measures approximately 35cm by 30cm. The single snuggle sack measures approximately 35cm by 15cm. The square cushion is approximately 35cm by 35cm. The tunnel is approximately 30cm by 15cm. The cuffs are stuffed with machine-washable recycled materials. As with all of our Fleecey Pieces, each one is made to order. Choose your 2 fabrics from our current stock (they can be the same one!) and we will make it for you. We aim to get your product out to you within 14 days of ordering.


    If you are dissatisfied with your product in any way, please send it back to us within 30 days. We will aim to replace your product as soon as possible.


    We offer a manufacturer's guarantee against manufacturing defaults for 2 years. This does not cover animal damage.


    We aim to get your Hopping Mad Fleece multipack out to you within 2 weeks of order.


    Postage and packaging will require signing for to ensure safe delivery of the product.

Fleece Option (Exterior)
Fleece Option (Interior)

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