Why we love hops and stairs

Like many people, we had a 2-level hutch for our rabbits.

We though we were giving them additional space to roam and

thrive in. But we were wrong. Not only was the ramp taking up

precious space underneath it, but our rabbits weren't even

using the ramp to go upstairs. They stopped using the space

altogether, in favour of using the space in the lower half of the

hutch, and their attached run. So, using our joinery-grade

techniques, we replaced it with a set of floating stairs.

Immediately, our rabbits started using the space once again,

and once confident would zoom up or down the stairs with

ease. In addition to that, it freed up some space lost to the ramps, and (from a human perspective) made it so much easier to clean up around it. It has transformed the use of our rabbit hutch and we couldn't be happier.



But we didn't stop there. We also worked on other alternatives to ramps. These became our hops range. The very first hop, the hop and hide proved to be a product that wasn't just something the rabbits could use, but others too - including the likes of guinea pigs, tortoises and more. There are more designs to come soon, so don't forget to come back and keep checking as our range grows.We (including our rabbits!) love our hops and stairs, and we're sure you and your pets will too. Why not check out our store and take a closer look at each product?

StairsJT1 (2) -review.JPG

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