Decorative items for their home - and yours

Our various plaques and hutch tags can add some colour to the home - both that of your pets and of course, your own. We have a massive range of cute and quirky signs, and we are always working on more. Signs and sayings can be changed to say what you wish it to say, whatever species the special animals in your life may be.


Many of our plaques feature animals caricatures done in the style of our logo bunny. It's a charming and unique way to immortalise your beloved pet; you won't find cartoons like these anywhere else!


Our plaques are made of hardwood ply and hand-painted with acrylics, then varnished. Often, they are made with materials that we otherwise wouldn't have a use for. We aim to be as efficient and minimise waste where we can.

Whether it be a door number plaque, or a humble hutch tag, these decorative items are sure to draw attention!


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