A look at our fleece range

After doing research on guinea pig care for a family member,

we discovered the concept of keeping guinea pigs on fleece

as a reusable and easier way of having happy, healthy piggies.

At their behest, we worked away at designing our fleece range.

We have cushions, snuggle sacks, fleece tunnels and more.

Happily, our family member's piggies are thrilled with their 

new fleece products and we think yours will be too!

Our range can be purchased both individually and in  

money-saving multi-packs. We have a range of different fleeces, and everything is made to order, especially for you.



In addition to our standard range of fleeces, we have the extra special Honeybunnies Heart range. The range was named for Honeybunnies Rabbit and Guinea Pig rescue, based in Leicester. We have adopted several of our fur family from there and are proud supporters of the charity. 50p from each sale of a Honeybunnies Heart is donated to the charity to help them in their efforts to rescue and rehome these.

These cushions show the love to your pets, and help others in need. What's not to love about them?

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